AJSU asks state government not to entrust its responsibility on center over domicile policy

Ranchi: AJSU MLA Dr. Lambodar Mahto staged a sit-in on the assembly premises during the special session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly.

During the dharna, he said that the state government should not hand over its responsibilities to the central government as first it should implement the local policy and SC, ST, and OBC reservation in the state, then propose to the center to include it in the Ninth Schedule.

In this connection, he said that the 1932 Khatiyaan-based local policy and SC, ST and OBC reservation increase proposal is the result of the struggle of the AJSU party and the occasion is going to be a historic day. In Jharkhand, the Khatiyaan-based local policy of 1932 and the bill to increase the reservation of SC, ST and OBC is welcome the decision of the government but somewhere there is a slight flaw in the intention and policy of the government.

In the bill that the government is bringing, it is proposed that this bill will come into force when it is included in the Ninth Schedule of the Centre so somewhere there is a flaw in both the policy and the intention of the government. 

He said that it is the party’s demand and the voice of 3.5 crore people of Jharkhand and the government is bringing this bill as a result of their struggle.

First, the government should implement both the bills in the state after that the party will welcome the inclusion of the Central Government in the Ninth Schedule of the  Constitution of India but the first law made in the state should be applicable in the state.

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