Airbnb reveals the most sought-after holiday season destinations for Indians

New Delhi (IANSlife) As travel restrictions ease across most borders, hopeful tourists can finally look forward to tick-marking their long-awaited holiday bucket lists. Airbnbs search data proves that vacationers are undeniably eager to travel again, and all set to go the distance within India and abroad. Airbnb reveals the top destinations on India’s wish list to help you plan your next getaway.

As tourists in India have started flocking to cooler destinations, the resort town of Manali continues to remain a favourite, offering gorgeous mountain views, trekking trails, and relaxing retreats. Its close cousins Shimla and Darjeeling are also some of the most searched destinations in India.

The top 10 most searched destinations by Indian guests for the upcoming holiday season are:

(Stays between 1st December 2021, to 31st January 2022):

New Delhi

Goa has always been a preferred destination, especially around the end of the year, offering its lovely palms and beaches to Christmas and New Year’s revellers. It also offers a range of Airbnb stays to suit many budgets, likes, and preferences, for individuals as well as a group of travellers.

Bengaluru, the Garden City of India is immensely popular as well. For those travelling to Bengaluru, the beautiful cities of Pondicherry, Ooty, Coorg, and Wayanad are at drivable distances for a short vacation.

Known for its rich history along with its lip-smacking culinary delights, New Delhi is amongst the top searched destinations. The city is an important hub for international tourist arrivals, with some of the most favoured destinations such as Jaipur, Udaipur, and Manali being just a road trip away.

Along with its diverse culture and vibrant nightlife, Mumbai and quick get-away destinations such as Lonavala, Alibaug and Mahabaleshwar are also popular for Indian travellers.

Dubai, Toronto, and New York, along with cities in Europe are amongst the most popular international searches.

The top 10 most searched international destinations by Indian guests for the upcoming holiday season are: (Stays between 1st December 2021, to 31st January 2022):

New York

With more international destinations easing restrictions, Indian travellers are looking towards the United Arab Emirates for quick getaways. While the City of Gold is a short flight away, it is quickly followed by the bustling and cooler cities of London, Paris, Toronto, and New York. European cities, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, and Zurich along with the always popular destination of Bangkok round up the list, making for attractive and fun winter getaways for the end of the year.

Amanpreet Singh Bajaj, General Manager – India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan, talking about the new dawn of travelling, says, “Indian travellers have been eagerly searching for tourism to reopen for domestic and international destinations. Following a long wait of almost two years, recreational travellers are now keen to fly abroad as countries have begun easing travel restrictions. The last few days have seen several travel restrictions being lifted across the globe. In India too, travel confidence is gradually picking up and more people are looking forward to travelling again, as shown through Airbnb’s search data.”

As travel restrictions ease, it is encouraged to travel responsibly, while keeping in mind the necessary government advisories and precautions.

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