‘Adivasi Ekta Maharally for Jal, Jungle and Jamin, Forest Rights and PESA Act’ held in Morhabadi Grounds

Ranchi:  A large number of people have gathered ‘Adivasi Ekta Maharally for Jal, Jungle and Jamin, Forest Rights and PESA Act’ held in Morhabadi Grounds organized by Jharkhand Jan Adhikar Manch in Ranchi on Sunday. 

This Maharally has been organized in response to the recent delisting Maharally organized by Tribes Suraksha Manch, an organization of RSS. Former minister and state Congress working president Bandhu Tirkey, Ratan Tirkey, Prabhakar Tirkey, Central Sarna Committee President Ajay Tirkey, and Lakshmi Narayan Munda were present.

Thousands of people from various parts of Jharkhand have participated. The issue of sending Hemant Soren to jail dominated the Tribal Unity Maharally. 

Speakers said that the Chief Minister has been put in jail as part of a conspiracy. Tribal people should maintain their unity in 2024. BJP should give a befitting reply to this conspiracy of RSS. If 12 crore tribals of the country unite, Modi will have to step down. Speakers said that Hemant Soren has been implicated.

In 2024, the tribals should unite and respond to this, capture all the 14 seats and give a befitting reply to this government. Give a gift to Hemant Soren by winning all 81 seats in the assembly. 

The Uniform Civil Code law which destroys the constitutional rights of the tribal community will not work. A separate religious code should be given for the nature-worshiping tribal community. Fighting the tribal community in the name of delisting should be stopped. All the religious, religious practices of the tribal community should be given. Community and social land should be identified and documented. 

CNT Act, SPP Act, tampering with land should be stopped. Occupation law should be implemented in the state. Special action plan should be made to stop the declining population of tribal communities. Immediate steps should be taken to stop the displacement and migration of tribal communities.

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