Actor Rajnikant arrived Ranchi met with Jharkhand Governor, Offered prayer at Rajrappa Temple

Ranchi: Actor Rajinikanth suddenly reached Ranchi without any prior notice on Thursday.

Rajinikanth has deep faith in Guru Paramahansa Yogananda.

He had reached Ranchi to participate in the Yogda Satsang program in Ranchi.

Rajinikanth has been coming to Ranchi without any information and has been participating in the program of Yogda Satsang.

Ranchi is also the headquarters of Yogda Satsang Society.

During his Jharkhand visit, Rajinikanth met Governor CP Radhakrishnan at the Raj Bhavan.

Sharing pictures of meeting him through his social media handle, the governor wrote, “Delighted to meet my friend, one of India’s greatest actors and a wonderful human being, Rajinikanth.”

Had a goodwill meeting with him at the Raj Bhavan.

He is welcome on the land of Jharkhand.

This visit of Rajinikanth was kept very secret.

After meeting the Governor at Raj Bhavan, Rajinikanth reached the Chinnamastika temple located in Rajarappa.

Worshiped like an ordinary person.

As soon as the people around came to know that Rajinikanth had reached here, a crowd of people started gathering for a glimpse of him.

When some people requested a selfie, Rajinikanth also clicked the picture.

The Pandit present inside the temple told me that I was surprised to see that we had no prior information that he was coming, suddenly he was in front, and he came like a normal person, worshiped and left.

Many people recognized him and then took some photographs.

Rajinikanth has an old relation with Ranchi.

They have been coming here to Ranchi for spiritual practice and prayer.

For the first time in 2002, Rajinikanth reached Yogda Ashram in Uttarakhand.

He had met Swami Nityanand Giri Maharaj, the then director of the ashram.

There he was given the initiation of Kriya Yoga.

It is said that when bad times came in his career, yoga and meditation helped him a lot.

His career improved on the basis of his hard work.

Since then, Rajinikanth often visits Yogda Satsang’s ashrams for spiritual peace.

Rajinikanth has said many times that spirituality and action are playing a big role in his success in life.

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