Activate Google smart speaker soon without wake word

New Delhi (IANS) Google is reportedly working on a new feature that allows users to activate Google Assistant without having to say Hey Google or ‘OK Google’.

According to a report by Android Central that quoted tipster Jan Boromeusz, the feature codenamed “Blue Steel” may allow the device to simply sense the user’s presence and proactively listen for commands without first needing to hear the wake word.

According to the report, Boromeusz ‘Nest Hub Max’ smart display is running leaked internal firmware meant for testing within Google.

Boromeusz also posted a video where he can be seen asking for information, all without once uttering the words “Hey Google.”

The new feature seems to be using the Nest Hub’s built-in ultrasound sensing technology, which sends out ultrasonic pulses to sense nearby users and adapt its UI accordingly.

Google recently introduced dark mode and multiple account support for its Assistant-powered smart displays like Nest Hub.

If users have separate personal and work accounts, they can now set up multiple accounts on Google Assistant devices to see and interact with upcoming events and meetings in one place — without having to switch between their personal or work accounts.

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