Achievement: Under Mnrega 890 lakh man-days created, 541.5 percent participation of women

Ranchi: The state government has achieved a major milestone as far as creating employment under Mnrega for the rural population is concerned as in the last eight months 890 lakh man-days have been created.

The state has set a target to achieve 900 lakh man days which it was nearing to complete. Further the state government has urged the centre to approve for creating 12.5 lakh man-days and that target will be achieved by the month of March.

By creating more that eight lakh man-days Jharkhabd has reached on the 7th position in the country. So far 8,77,682 new families have been given the job cards in which there are 11,95,639 workers. For the fiscal 2020-21 for Jharkhand a sum of Rs 2,74,184 lakh and 800 man-days was set.

Jharkhand also stands at the top position in the country as far as making payment to the workers under Mnrega was concerned. For achieving this target an employment campaign was run and for execution of Mnrega schemes at panchayat level the workers were brought together. Under the campaign within 35 days 140 lakh man-days were created and 82,000 schemes were completed.

Amid the Coronavirus Mnrega has played an important role in creating employment for the people in the rural area and also for migrant workers. Schemes likes Birsa Harit Gram Yojana, Neelambar-Peetambar Jal Samridhi Yojana, Veer Shaheed Poto Ho Khel Yojana and Didi Badi Yojana have played an important role in this regard.

Under Birsa Harit Gram Yojana on an area of nearly 26,000 acres with more than 30,000 families horticulture was done. Under Neelambar-Peetambar Yojana 80,000 schemes are being completed while under Veer Poto Ho Khel Yojana work was going on over 1805 schemes.

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