Aapki Sarkar is reaching out to the most remote villages

Ranchi: The mega campaign – Aapki Yojana Aapki Sarkar Aapke Dwar launched by Chief Minister Hemant Soren is garnering success as a facilitator of doorstep delivery of select welfare schemes.

Under the ambit of the aforementioned scheme, both government and government-run schemes are reaching out to people. It is also serving as a vehicle for the government to reach out to those remote locations that have so far not been visited by officials since independence.

Previously the officials used to shy away from visiting such pockets due to apprehensions attached with Naxalites but now these areas are exhibiting a cheerful change. The officials are now making their visits to these areas and serving as a medium for the delivery of welfare schemes. This historic step is linking beneficiaries from the remotest places to various government schemes by ensuring successful government outreach to these locations. 

The Government of Jharkhand is scripting a new saga of good governance. Until yesterday, the areas that were inflicted by heavy naxal influence, are now being visited by officials with the benefits of government-run schemes. As a result of the instructions of the Chief Minister, officials visited the Budha Pahad in Garhwa for the first time in the post-independence era. This was possible due to the successful organisation of a “Aapki Yojana Aapki Sarkar Aapke Dwar ‘’ program.

The officials linked beneficiaries with various schemes after reaching the Mirchai Pat located in Dumri. This exercise is pertinent to the state’s ultimate aim of accelerating the development of villages and rural areas. The Government officials visited Mayurhund of Chatra in the year 1964-66. It is only after 58 years, that the Deputy Commissioner of Chatra has again reached Mayurhand with government schemes.

The grievance redressal of the villagers was done right at their doorstep. An unparalleled enthusiasm was witnessed amongst the villagers who were delighted that their issues had been resolved on the spot and that there was absolutely no need for them to visit the Department and the Block Offices.

For the first time after independence, the government reached Borha village in Bishunpur Block of Gumla. A camp was organised under the umbrella of the Aapki Yojana Aapki Sarkar Aapke Dwar campaign, which facilitated the villagers to get the benefits of various schemes. 

On this occasion, villagers put across their problems to the officials at the stalls set up by various departments and availed the benefits of the various schemes. The villagers have also put forward their demand for a road that links the village to the main road. The District Administration has given assurance of solving the said issues faced by the villagers

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