A healthy lifestyle, nutritious food and hydration are must: Manushi Chhillar

New Delhi (IANSlife) Hair fall is a common problem for Indian women as factors like dust, dirt, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle habits like unhealthy eating or excess blow-drying leads to dryness, and thus an increase hair fall.

Former Miss World Manushi Chhillar, who is the new brand ambassador for youth — favourite hair care brand, Pantene India, admits that she has struggled with hair fall, which began with dryness with all that styling during the Miss India pageant. Over the years the condition worsened as she was exposed to a hectic lifestyle and constant travelling while pursuing Miss World and her film career thereafter.

Manushi believes that your hair needs both internal and external care. She highlights the importance of discipline in a daily hair-care routine. Read on to learn more about Chhillar’s hair treatments, her favourite products and go-to hairstyle.


Q: When did you realise you needed to have a serious hair care regimen?

A: I believe I have always been into hair care, when I was younger, my mother always helped me maintain and take care of my long hair. As I entered Miss India and subsequently Miss World, I started noticing hair fall and dryness because of my hectic schedule, excessive heat styling, pollution, frequent travelling etc. That’s when I realised, that I seriously had to take care of my tresses because it needs both, internal and external care.

Q: How often do you wash your hair?

A: I don’t like to wash my hair very often, I would say about 2/3 times a week is sufficient to cleanse and condition your hair. I like to use limited products in my hair and generally avoid applying any kind of styling or leave-in creams, unless I’m working. My hair care regime is pretty simple — wash and air dry.

Q: What do you do when you have a bad hair day? Your go-to hairstyle?

A: Usually when I’m in a rush and unable to wash my hair, I love doing the sleek-hair look, I guess that would be my go-to hairstyle.

Q: Do you use any home remedies for hair care? Please share.

A: During my childhood years, I really enjoyed growing my hair long and my regular oiling sessions which I still do. I love using hot oil on my scalp, obviously whenever I get the time.

Q: While you’re not shooting, do you give your hair a break from styling?

A: If I am not shooting, I like to give my hair some break from heat styling and instead style them naturally. So, after I wash my hair, I leave them to air dry and apply serum as the final step.

Q: Your favourite hair care product and its benefits.

A: I love using the Pantene 2 in1 Shampoo and Conditioner because it offers dual benefits of a shampoo and nourishing conditioner in one bottle that helps prevent hair fall and doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry! It is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and a luscious conditioning formula that strengthens and smoothens my hair.

Q: One Manushi Chhillar hair care tip.

A: I would suggest these tips to our lovely readers — ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle, consume nutritious food and keep yourself hydrated. I think with hair care you have to get the base right, One can’t expect the products to do all the work!

A woman with many achievements to her name, Manushi Chhillar will be seen debuting opposite actor Akshay Kumar in the upcoming film Prithviraj.

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