5 precautions to keep in mind for air travel in the times of Covid-19

New Delhi (IANSlife) Almost a year ago, one of the busiest airports in the world- Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi had a deserted look brought about by the coronavirus. A year later, the airport has terminated operations on terminal 2 as a result of the reduced number of flights due to the second wave, which is turning out to be more deadly than the previous one.

The air travel industry has witnessed significant changes since the pandemic, even as two things remain constant – the threat from the virus and the effort to ensure a safer surrounding. While leisure travel has taken a halt, air travel still remains unavoidable for some – many people are returning home amid the second wave-to be with their families during these times or for other personal or family health emergencies

Cases reported on air travel spread have been minimal due to which flights are being considered as a safer travelling option, however, it is always good for travellers to be extra cautious and look out for their own safety and practice precautions while boarding a flight. While it is imperative to mask up, regularly sanitise and avoid unnecessary contact with people and surfaces, there are other things as well to keep in mind while taking a flight.

With the current safety concerns set to stay for the foreseeable future, EaseMyTrip.com shares with IANSlife list of precautions that a passenger should keep in mind while travelling by air.

Double Mask up for maximum protection:

With the second wave of coronavirus spreading ferociously, people have realised the importance of doubling up the protection. Is double mask safer than a single mask? Indeed, studies done by Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that double masking can reduce one’s exposure to the virus by up to 95 per cent. The CDC recommends layering a cloth mask over a surgical mask. Avoid combinations such as two surgical masks, or a K95/N95 and any other mask.

Minimal contact clothing:

Such testing times require cautious approach even while choosing your outfit for air travel. It is advisable to cover your body as much as possible, so track suits are a good option. Travellers should also avoid wearing open toed shoes to ensure minimal contact. Wearing goggles can also add a protective layer for your eyes. It is also advisable to wear socks so that your bare feet don’t touch the airport floor during security check.

Reduce, Disinfect your baggage:

The more the merrier? This saying has gone for a toss, at least while travelling during the Covid crisis. Despite safety protocols in place, your bag will pass through several channels and people from check-in to the final destination. It is advisable to check-in fewer bags. In the event that reducing the baggage is unavoidable, it should be thoroughly cleaned using disinfectant wipes after the journey. Apply sanitizing gel to a tissue and make sure to wipe the handles and bottom of the luggage.

Edging towards the window seat:

A window seat could come with an extra jab of protection owing to the less exposure and movement of passengers, and thus avoiding unnecessary contact. A person sitting in the window seat will essentially reduce the number of people within your 6-foot exposure radius by half. An aisle seat should be avoided as travellers tend to visit washrooms, touch surfaces and walk by, increasing one’s exposure to the virus. So make sure that you book your ticket and seat way in advance from a travel portal such as EaseMyTrip.com.

Maintaining distance and hygiene over the course of the journey:

It is difficult to give up on a sip or two of water throughout the course of the journey. With Covid around, it is advisable to carry your own bottle to minimise contact with people, which is a possibility at the point of sale. While there is very little you can do on the plane to maintain distance, ensure that you keep your distance from people in the terminal. Walk around the terminal while you’re waiting for your flight as the seating area could be a point of infection. It is also advisable to clean and use disinfectant wipes for surfaces such as the tray table or in-flight entertainment systems that you will be using in the flight. Similarly, precautions should be taken while accessing washrooms at airports and on flights, including using elbows to open the doors. It is advisable to stay away from washrooms that are crowded.

While it may not be possible to avoid all points of contact, the current global crisis merits a heightened sense of caution, and it is important for travellers to be aware of their surroundings and take all possible necessary precautions from their end to ensure a safe journey. It is also advisable to look up state wise air travel guidelines and notifications listed on https://www.easemytrip.com/covid19-help.html to ensure that one is up to date with all necessary travel and airline information.

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