5 Audio series to soak in the mood of the monsoon

New Delhi (IANSlife) A romantic relationship might flourish amid the soft cold of an overcast sky with a brief downpour. A unique series on PocketFM will feature stories of love, friendship, retribution, and joy. The top five audio series to recommend to your loved ones are:

Silent Love: An innocent 22-year-old girl-Tiya is going through intolerable levels of hardships. She is ill-treated by her step-mother and elder half-sister. One day, Tiya realises that she is sold to goons and feels helpless until Ashwath Aryan, the weapons king enters to rescue her. His entry brings a new twist to Tiya’s life. Ashwath is willing to do anything to save Tiya, so he presents a blank cheque to the goons and rescues her. Listen to this audio series and get to hear the rest of Tiya’s tale and seek answers to the questions.

Ek Ladki ko Dekha To: Anika, an 18-year-old who has never looked at men, suddenly realizes she is pregnant. The whole village of Manali begins to mock her for getting pregnant out of wedlock while Anika is startled at how it happened. Humiliated, Anika leaves Manali and relocates to Bengaluru and lives with her aunt. She gives birth to twins, while one gets abducted. Anika’s search for her six-year-old ends up with her landing up in Manali. Surprisingly six years later when Anika returns to Manali, she is loved and welcomed by everyone. While she is on the Listen to find out what changes the minds of the villagers of Manali.

Hukkum Rani Sa: Nikhita a Delhi girl who dreams of becoming an IAS officer visits her village to attend her cousin’s wedding when life takes a sudden turn. Her cousin elopes and puts Nikhita in a tough spot by forcing her to marry the groom who was chosen for her. To uphold the family’s respect she agrees to marry Ranvijay (groom), ending her dreams. Ranvijay, an angry young man was keen on marriage only to adopt his niece, whose parents died in an accident. The hatred between Ranvijay and Nikhita turns into love soon. Listen to the tale to find out how this love blossomed and what changed his mind.

Kashi: Set in the backdrop of Rajasthan the story is about a vivacious and bold girl Kashi who marries the guy of a Royal family Abhay Pratap Singh. The royal heir has been known for his pride and arrogance. Relationship drama ensues throughout the story but there is an element of thriller wherein Kashi foils the conspiracy of enemies who are plotting against the royal family. Will Kashi succeed in defending her family, and winning their trust and love? Tune into the show and find out Kashi’s tale.

Mistaken Identities: Neha’s step-sister dies three months before her wedding. Myra (step-sister) was married to Saransh, but due to her sudden demise, sister Neha was forced to re-marry Saransh. However, Neha was always in love with Saransh since childhood but never tried to intervene in her sister’s marriage life. This sudden development in her life has made her look evil with selfish motives. Will the truth be unveiled, will Neha find love? Listen to the show and find out more about it.

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