31 lakh applications received for Abua Awas, verification of 29.97 lakh done – Rural Development Department 

Ranchi : Rural Development Department Secretary Chandrashekhar said, The Rural Development Department is continuously accelerating the activities related to Abua housing construction. So far, more than 31 lakh applications have been received from villagers for making kutcha houses permanent under the scheme. Out of that, 29.97 lakh applications have been verified. Out of that, about one lakh application duplicates have been found.

Informing about the achievements of the last four years and the future action plan, Rural Development Department Secretary Chandrashekhar said that the department is working on a plan to plant thorn-free cactus saplings on barren lands. Along with animal feed, it will also be used in manufacturing vegan leather. 

Rural Development Department Secretary Chandrashekhar was giving this information in a press conference in the auditorium of Soochana Bhawan. So far, 4135 lakh man days have been generated under MNREGA within 4 years.

In the current financial year, a total amount of Rs 2962.40 crore has been spent so far, generating a total of 911.49 lakh man days against the 900 lakh approved man days. And 100% wages have been paid. Also, work is being done with the target of generating more than 1100 lakh man days in this financial year. Whereas in 4 years, 23.73 lakh schemes of MNREGA have been completed and work is going on on 6.85 lakh schemes. Even in the current financial year, a total of 6.26 lakh schemes have been completed so far. The percentage of women’s participation in creation of Manav Diwas is 47.87.

On the other hand, under the Birsa Green Village Scheme, with the aim of increasing the income of the villagers, a total of 1,27,381 families have been benefited so far through horticulture on a total of 1,10,665 acres of land against the target of horticulture on a total of 1,31,850 acres of land in the last 4 years. Has been done Under the Nilambar-Pitamber Jal Samridhi Yojana, a total of 5,84,511 schemes have been completed in the entire state in 4 years for the purpose of water harvesting and soil conservation and work on a total of 1,10,903 schemes is going on in the current financial year.

Under Birsa Irrigation Well Promotion Mission, one lakh irrigation wells are being constructed with the funds from MNREGA and State Plan items. The target is to construct 10 thousand additional Veer Shaheed Poto Ho sports grounds in this financial year through Veer Shaheed Poto Ho Sports Development Scheme. 

In the last 4 years, with the aim of encouraging rural youth towards sports, a total of 4184 playgrounds have been prepared and work on 5071 schemes is going on. Earlier the scheme was implemented at the Panchayat level, now it is being implemented at the village level. There is a provision to provide animal sheds to the beneficiaries of Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Vikas Yojana through convergence with MNREGA. Under this, 27786 schemes have been approved.

Till now shed construction has been completed in 13309 schemes. In convergence with MNREGA and Women, Child Development and Social Security Department, construction of a total of 1731 Anganwadi buildings has been completed in the last 4 years and construction of 1571 Anganwadi buildings is ongoing.

Under social security, the state government provides health insurance benefit of up to Rs 5 lakh for two years to each employee working against the post created under MNREGA and after his death due to an accident, financial assistance of Rs 20 lakh is available to his legal heir.

Action is being taken to get it done. In case of death due to accident or unnatural death (including murder) or permanent disability/dismemberment, earlier an amount of Rs 75 thousand was given, which has been increased to Rs 2 lakh. Earlier, in case of partial disability due to accident, Rs 37,500 was given, which has been increased to Rs 75,000. Earlier, in case of normal death, Rs 30 thousand was given, which has been increased to Rs 1 lakh.

Earlier, ex-gratia grant of Rs 50 thousand was given to the dependents of MNREGA workers who died due to drowning in the Dobha well-constructed under the MNREGA scheme, which has been increased to Rs 1 lakh.\

Under MNREGA, through the Birsa Irrigation Well Promotion Mission, the target is to complete the construction of a total of 01 lakh wells across the state by November 15, 2024, under which 50 thousand wells will be constructed in the financial year 2023-24 and 50 thousand wells will be constructed in the financial year 2024-25 (November 15, 2024). By 2024), the construction work of 50 thousand wells is to be completed.

With the aim of paying special attention to school going children as well as fulfilling their nutritional needs and providing employment opportunities, nutrition gardens are being constructed in schools with the convergence of MNREGA and School Education and Literacy Department.

Under which the construction work of nutrition garden has started in 3971 schools against 4960 identified schools. On the basis of social audit report of MNREGA, a total recovery of Rs 40,43,136 has been made in 803 cases in the last 04 years. Along with this, as an action, FIR has been registered in 04 cases, fine has been imposed on 4570 employees and 02 employees have been relieved. 

In the last 04 years till 08.01.2024, social audit of 2897 Panchayats has been conducted financial year wise. 97.83 percent construction of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin has been completed. From 2016-2022, 15,92,171 houses were approved under this scheme.

Out of this, 15,57,730 houses have been completed. According to the Performance Index of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, the state of Jharkhand ranks second in the entire country in this matter.

In the last four years, 7,76,642 houses were approved under this scheme. Out of this, 10,48,262 houses have been completed. The percentage of completed houses during the tenure of the present state government is 67.29. 

Similarly, under Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Housing Scheme, a total of 33.795 houses including pending houses have been completed in four years. PM Janman Yojana is also running at a smooth pace.

Under Deendayal Antyodaya- National Rural Livelihood Mission, 2.89 lakh Sakhi Mandals have been formed in the state. Due to which 32.94 lakh families have been connected. In the last four years, 1.18 lakh Sakhi Mandals have been formed and 15.29 lakh families have been connected. At the same time, more than 5 lakh women farmers have been made millionaire women.

Apart from this, Secretary of Rural Development Department, Women Producer Organization, Johar Project, Jharkhand Micro Drip Irrigation Project, Women Farmer Empowerment Project, Palash Brand, Phulo Jhano Ashirwad Abhiyan, Deendayal Upadhyay Rural Skill Scheme, Rural Self-Employment Training Institute, Birsa Special Tribal Development Scheme. And information related to the flight project, block building construction work was given in the press conference.

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