15 people have died so far due to heat wave in Jharkhand – MeT Department

Ranchi: The temperature in Palamu, Jharkhand was recorded at 47.4 degrees for the second consecutive day.

At the same time, the temperature in 16 districts was more than 40 degrees.

At the same time, 15 people died due to extreme heat in the last 24 hours.

Of these, 9 people have died in Jamshedpur, 4 in Palamu and one each in Giridih-Bokaro.

Amidst the scorching heat, the Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert of heavy rain and wind in many districts of Jharkhand.

These include cities like Pakur, Giridih, Dumka, Deoghar, Godda, Jamtara, Sahibganj, Seraikela Kharsanwa, Bokaro, Ramgarh and Dhanbad. It rained heavily in Deoghar in the morning.

According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain with strong wind in the north-eastern and southern parts on June 1 also.

On June 2, the effect of strong winds along with thunder can be seen in the north-eastern part of the state.

During this period the wind speed will be 30 to 40 km per hour.

In the last 24 hours, there was heavy rain in some parts of the state including Dhanbad late at night.

Rain has been recorded in some areas of Kolhan and Santhal.

The highest temperature in the state was recorded at 47.5 degrees Celsius in Daltonganj and the lowest temperature was 28.2 degrees Celsius in Chaibasa.

In Palamu and Garhwa, the temperature was recorded above 47 degrees for the second consecutive day.

A record of 46 years was broken in Daltonganj on Wednesday.

According to the weather centre, there will be no respite from the heat yet.

There is a possibility of a heat wave in Garhwa and Palamu on May 31 also.

The maximum temperature of Palamu and Garhwa is likely to be 46 degrees, but people got some relief in Ranchi and Bokaro late evening on Thursday.

After the sky became cloudy, there was light drizzle, but the humidity did not reduce.

The maximum temperature of Ranchi on May 31 is likely to be 41 degrees.

In such a situation, there will be no respite from the heat even in Ranchi.

Meteorologist Abhishek Anand said that there is a possibility of a heat wave in some parts of Jharkhand and rain in some parts on Friday.

Heat waves may prevail in north-western parts of the state.

Police recovered the body of a 45-year-old woman in Jamshedpur.

Death due to heat stroke has been confirmed.

An unknown person has died in Sidhgora.

An auto driver died of heatstroke in Parsudih.

The body of 70-year-old Dashrath Kujur was found in Makdampur.

Dead body of a person found in Adityapur.

Farmer Lal Mohan Mahato died in Gamharia.

The guard of Cross Company and two workers of Plants 1 and 4 were killed.

Meanwhile, in Palamu, Kanpur’s scrap businessman Anil Awasthi’s health deteriorated at Daltonganj station and he died.

Muneshwar Bhuiya of Patan, Vikas of Hamidganj and a woman also died.

Truck driver died due to heat waves in Phusro and Giridih of Bokaro.

The parts of the state where a heatwave alert has been issued today include the areas of Garhwa, Palamu, Chatra and Latehar.

The temperature is likely to be highest here.

There may be some relief in all other parts of the state.

There may be a slight drop in the temperature from May 31 to June 2.

This simply means that there may be some relief from the temperature in some parts of the state.

The weather is changing from June 1st.

The effects of rain and strong winds have started becoming visible in many parts of the state.

According to the Meteorological Department, it will have an impact in some parts of the state, but the chances of getting major relief in other parts are still less.

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