Youth have been cheated in three years of present govt: Sudesh

Ranchi: AJSU Supremo Sudesh Kumar Mahto said that in the three years of the state government it is the youth who have been cheated the most.

Addressing a press conference at the party office here he said that the youth have been cheated in the name of recruitment policy employment and unemployment allowance. 

He said that the government had promised 5 lakh jobs in one year but could only give 550 jobs and alleged that the state government has disrespected the people‚Äôs mandate and their feelings.

He claimed that the resources of the state are being looted while the government is busy making hoax claims. He said that over the domicile policy and reservation policy there is no clear intention of the state government therefore it was trying to further jeopardize things.

He questioned the hurry of the cabinet ministers to highlight their achievements and said that people are aware of their work and fed up with its failures.

Sudesh also attacked the government over the issue of women’s safety and farmers’ welfare along with that also questioned the works done in the area of education healthcare and infrastructure development. 

He said that the party will not allow the government to dash the issues of the people and it will take the matter from the villages to the cities and the campaign would be started from January 12.

He said that his party will hold Vidhansabha wise agitation over the failures of the state government.

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