Your guide to hosting a lit neon night

New Delhi (IANSlife) Themed parties are definitely coming back in 2023. While timeless classics like Wild West, Fictional Favorites, and Under the Sea continue to have a loyal following, people are now exploring new and more imaginative themes.

One of the most popular fads is to base designs on the Pantone colour wheel. The open-endedness of colour themes encourages incredibly imaginative interpretations and allows everyone to express themselves in particularly interesting ways. This combines colour theory and pop cultural importance. The futuristic neon tones of Cyber Lime are the ideal option for an equally distinctive and outlandish motif as a basis. Living life boldly is the concept of this neon-infused colour, and we have the complete guide to throwing a memorable Cyber Lime-themed party.

Embrace Neon for your Decor

The futuristic undertones of Cyber Lime mean that the bolder you go with your decorations, the better! Think Blade Runner 2049, Cyberpunk 2099, or your own favorite work of a dystopian future with a distant year suffix. From neon lamps to glow sticks, and string lights to glow in the dark cups – deck out your space with decorations that let your guests step into the future of partying. Throw in some blacklight-reactive posters and wall art and dazzling LED displays to take your party vibes to absolutely dazzle your friends – and make sure to inform them to bring their shades.

Give Yourself A Glow Up, Literally

No themed party is complete without a selection of stunning outfits. Encourage your guests to embrace the theme and unleash their inner luminescence by dressing to impress in their best take on Cyber Lime fashion. From neon green tops to lime-coloured accessories, and glow-in-the-dark body paint – invite each of them to be walking works of art through the evening.

Curate a List of Cyberlicious Cocktails

No party’s complete without a selection of dazzling drinks to match the theme! With Cyber Lime as the central theme, let loose your inner mad mixologist as you experiment with glowing food colouring and citrusy cocktails. A perfectly thematic base spirit for this occasion is the new BACARDÍ Green Lime rum – which combines the smooth flavor of rum with the zest of green lime, and is a perfect base spirit to pair with other citrus recipes, colours, or even edible glitter. Whether it’s a refreshing lime mojito or Cyber Lime daiquiris, you can mix up some signature Cyber Lime cocktails for the night.

Futuristic Fun and Games

Commit to the theme with futuristic variations on your favorite party games for your guests to enjoy. Set up a Glow-in-the-Dark Limbo pole and watch as your guests contort themselves to show off their balance; or turn up the competition with an Interplanetary Treasure Hunt, where your guests search for hidden treasures around the different ‘planets’ of the venue. Finally, make sure you have the essentials with a neon-lit dance floor for your guests to throw down to the latest dance music. Together, all these elements are sure to make your Cyber Lime party an unforgettable neon adventure.

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