Yoga is an invaluable gift of India to the whole world, Yoga is necessary to live a stress-free life, says Jharkhand Governor

Ranchi: Jharkhand Governor CP Radhakrishnan said that Yoga has been practiced for centuries. Its roots are deep in our Indian heritage and it has now become global and has been adopted by millions of people across the globe. It is a priceless gift of India to the whole world. 

The Governor was addressing a program organized by Indian Yoga Association-Jharkhand State Chapter at IMA, Ranchi today. The Governor said that Yoga is not just a physical posture or exercise, it is a holistic lifestyle which motivates us to lead a healthy life, reduce stress and bring clarity in thoughts. It is the responsibility of all of us to pass it on to future generations.

He said that the Prime Minister has played an important role in promoting Yoga on the global stage. Due to his remarkable initiative, it was decided by the United Nations to celebrate 21st June as International Yoga Day and this increased the awareness of Yoga all over the world.

The Governor said that many people in our country are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, which also give rise to other diseases. Due to the changing lifestyle, various diseases are also being seen in the youth. 

Yoga has an important role in such a situation, it is very beneficial in life. He called upon everyone to include yoga in their daily lives. By adopting it, people can experience its profound positive effect on their health.

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