Congress MLA Deepika Pandey Singh attacked on PM Modi said – ‘Manipur is not important for the Prime Minister, the PM has time to travel abroad, not for Manipur’

Ranchi:  MLA Deepika Pandey Singh said that anyone who has any respect for women must have understood that nothing can be more gruesome than what has happened in Manipur. But our Prime Minister has time to visit abroad but could not spare time for Manipur. They must be feeling that the events happening in Manipur are not that important. One thing to remember is that while Rome was burning, Nero was playing the flute.

The Prime Minister gives big speeches in foreign countries but he did not have two words for Manipur. When the Supreme Court took suo moto cognizance, the Prime Minister addressed the media in helplessness. There too, by giving speeches on Manipur and less on Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, he did the work of politicizing such incidents.

Today MLA Deepika Pandey Singh was addressing the reporters at Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Headquarters, Ranchi. Deepika Pandey Singh said that instead of doing politics on the incident, he would have at least appealed that peace should be established. We are proud of our leader Rahul Gandhi. He went amidst all the disturbances. Every community hugged him. An attempt was made by the government to stop him, but he neither stopped, nor bowed down nor was afraid. The question arises as to what their secret agencies were doing. Where has the readiness shown in Manipur to intimidate the opposition MLAs to get them included in the BJP?

The Women’s Commission has expressed concern even to the Governor of Manipur, but the violence in Manipur has not stopped. It is also sad that instead of establishing peace in Manipur, the Chief Minister of Manipur says that such incidents happen in hundreds. This statement is the height of moral decadence.

He said in his address that the way the CM’s statement came on the incident that took place in Manipur, it became very clear that there is no respect for women in the BJP. Why is the Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani silent, who protested on the streets by placing a gas cylinder on her forehead when the price of petrol and gas increased in the UPA government? Are they not even ordered to speak to women themselves?

If you, being a woman, cannot condemn such an incident on a woman, then shame on you. You should resign immediately. Addressing said that sexual harassment of women in every state is a separate issue, but to link it with the issue of Manipur, to link it with that video of Manipur is totally wrong. In every state, everywhere, where women are mistreated like this, Congress stands with them.

It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister of the country had to speak on Manipur but he was talking about Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. You have also talked about Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Assam, and Delhi. Shame on your politics. Raising the question, MLA Deepika said that you had spoken a single word for women wrestlers. Your MP is laughing with the bell, misbehaving with the sisters of the media.

The daughters who gave medals to the country are feeling helpless in their laughter. The entire BJP party stands in support of that MP. 

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