Jharkhand ranks second in the country in cyber crime cases, Rajasthan ranks first

Ranchi: Jharkhand ranks second in the country after Rajasthan in terms of cyber crime. In the last four and a half years (from 2019 to July 2023), 5350 cases of cyber crime have been reported in Jharkhand. Of these, 1432 cases have been registered only in Ranchi district.

Apart from this, 496 cases were registered in Dhanbad, 405 in Deoghar, 384 in Jamshedpur and 348 in Hazaribagh. Cyber crime police stations will be formed in eight districts of Jharkhand. This includes Bokaro, Ramgarh, Chaibasa, Ranchi, Latehar, Hazaribagh, Dumka and Seraikela districts. 

Earlier, cyber crime stations were functioning in Jamtara, Deoghar, Giridih, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Palamu in Jharkhand. Let us tell you that in view of the increasing cases of cyber crime, Jharkhand Police Headquarters had sent a proposal to the Home Department for the creation of cyber police stations in other districts also.

The threat of cyber crime in the country is increasing with increasing technology. Jamtara of Jharkhand had created a distinct identity in cyber crime across the country, but now Bharatpur of Rajasthan and Mathura of UP are emerging as new cyber crime hubs.

Although cyber crime is decreasing in Jamtara, there are five such places in the top ten of the state which are hubs of cyber crime. Jharkhand has four districts among the ten districts across the country where there are highest number of cyber crime cases. Jamtara, Deoghar, Giridih and Bokaro are included in the top ten.

A startup from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has revealed this information in its research. Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) has revealed in its research that there are 10 districts in the country from where 80 percent of cyber crimes are committed. Among these, maximum crimes are happening from Bharatpur in Rajasthan, 18 percent from Mathura, 12 percent from Nuh in Haryana, 11 percent from Deoghar in Jharkhand, and 10 percent from Deoghar in Jharkhand. 

The surprising thing in this report is that four districts of Jharkhand are included in this list. These include 2.4 percent cyber crime cases from Bokaro, 9.6 percent from Jamtara, 10 percent from Deoghar and 2.3 percent from Giridih. Karmatad has also been included in this list, where 2.4 percent of the cyber crime cases have been reported across the country. 

Harshvardhan Singh, cofounder of FCRF, said that our analysis was focused on 10 districts of India. If we look at the crime statistics in Jharkhand, 5350 cases of cyber crime have been reported in Jharkhand in the last four and a half years (from 2019 to July 2023). 1432 cases have been registered only in Ranchi district.

Apart from this, 496 cases are registered in Dhanbad, 405 in Deoghar, 384 in Jamshedpur and 348 in Hazaribagh. Many such cases have been coming to light in cyber crime which were never registered. In view of the increasing cyber cases in the state, cyber crime police stations are to be formed in eight districts of Jharkhand.

These include Bokaro, Ramgarh, Chaibasa, Ranchi, Latehar, Hazaribagh, Dumka and Seraikela. In view of the increasing cases of cyber crime, Jharkhand Police Headquarters had sent a proposal to the Home Department regarding cyber police stations in other districts also.

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