What to look for in a new refrigerator

New Delhi (IANSlife) When it comes to refrigerators, your options now extend far beyond simply getting a glass of ice water without opening the door. It is difficult to choose the best one for you because there are numerous factors to consider, including size, door style, energy efficiency, brand, and price. If you are considering replacing your existing refrigerator but are unsure where to begin? Here are a few pro tips to keep in mind that you can read on your way to buying the refrigerator.

Capacity/size requirement

A refrigerator’s capacity is primarily measured in litres. The capacity range of the appliance has grown at an exceptional rate as technology has advanced, from the lowest capacity to the highest. One of the most important factors to consider when determining your needs is the size of your family, which will determine the amount of food you will keep in your refrigerator. A 263 – 364 litre fridge should suffice for a family of 2-5 people.

Consider investing in a convertible fridge

If you are looking to replace your current refrigerator, you might want to consider investing in a convertible refrigerator because of its impressive flexibility and multipurpose function as a refrigerator or freezer depending on your needs. You can look into the Bosch Max Flex, India’s first flexible refrigerator. This range of indigenous refrigerators, designed to meet the needs of Indian households, addresses a critical requirement of storage flexibility.


When integrated into a refrigerator, ice and water dispensers provide undeniable convenience. It is much easier to prepare family meals or entertain guests when you can fill a glass with cubed or crushed ice or with drinking water.


Price is an important consideration when purchasing a new refrigerator. Begin by estimating how much money you want to spend. A refrigerator is an investment in a machine that must run continuously. So, buying a fridge that is easy on your wallet and your bills while also providing all of the amenities is a must-have specification.

Look for energy-efficiency

When purchasing a new refrigerator, look for the Energy Star label, which informs consumers about how much electricity a refrigerator consumes per unit.

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