What to consider before taking the leap of faith?

New Delhi (IANSlife) An incomparable popularity on social media platforms has made adventure sports most desirable among people. Of course, the experience is unbeatable and if you are an avid bungee jumper, you know the adrenaline rush while taking the leap of faith. A first-timer must understand a few essential things for a memorable jump.

Taking a break from the routine hustle and bustle has never harmed anyone. And if you are looking to face your fears, bungee jumping can be a rewarding experience. Besides, as a first timer, you should also have a fair knowledge about the do’s and don’ts regarding extreme adventure. People have a lot of myths about bungee jumping; hence, it is better to clarify your doubts before proceeding with the activity.

Niharika Nigam, the Director and Business Development at Jumpin Heights shares some basic facts before you go for the jump of your life!

Intentional planning:

Not in a rush, not in an impulse, and definitely not for social media. Extreme adventure should be an intentional choice because it can be an overwhelming experience. Plan well in advance. Fear at the edge is normal, be sure to not be in a panicked state. Wear Comfortable clothing, leave the photography to the experts and just focus on your moment at the edge.

Dos and Don’ts:

Check the health conditions and disclose any concerns to the authorities. Check the age and weight limit, there usually is one for most adventure activities. Ensure that you are not wearing any valuables.

While there is no strict diet chart to follow, however, overeating or staying hungry before a night is not advisable. Do not perform any adventure under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

In case you have any serious health conditions like high blood pressure, injuries, fracture, epilepsy, dislocation, asthma, or heart issue, you should not consider going for an extreme adventure sports activity.

Research enough before taking the decision:

Gather enough information about the bungee jumping operator. Check what safety measures they take and how well-trained their staff is. Always choose an adventure operator by Testimonials rather than discounts-this is not one aspect you want to be cutting costs on! Top-notch safety does not come cheap.

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