What India is buying ahead of Valentine’s Day

New Delhi (IANSlife) As Valentine’s Day week begins, an e-commerce marketplace has shared popular buys among users across Tier II towns and small cities. The country is approaching the one-year mark of life under lockdown and with most activities relegated to home – Valentine’s Day gifting is looking different this year.

While popular items like soft toys and chocolates are still getting added to carts, Valentine’s Day gifting this year is about practical choices, reveals Snapdeal.

Recent search and purchases on Snapdeal show that users are inclined towards meaningful gifts that bring practical, everyday value. Looking at search and purchase data, the online marketplace shared what’s trending and how people are planning for celebrations at home.

Comfy Lounge Wear

A comfortable, cozy at home movie date or chill sessions with your partner is a perfect way to celebrate the day of love. People are choosing from the vast range of comfortable, smart lounge wear at Snapdeal for their special date resulting in a 1.8X increase in searches for loungewear sets.

Setting up romantic dates at home

Preparing for at home dates calls for creating the right atmosphere. Snapdeal saw an increase in demand for ambient LED lights, candles and aroma oil diffusers. Fancy tableware has also become popular this year, as well as artificial flowers and vases.

Makeup and self-care

One of the most thoughtful ways to show that you care is by gifting special kits to pamper your better half. Organic body-care kits are a hit among Snapdeal users this season. 3 out of 10 orders include make-up products. Make-up kits and pallets are also popular in metro cities.

Kitchen gadgets

This year couples are opting for more utility gifts. So far Air fryers and portable smoothie makers have been one of the top bought products on Snapdeal – probably in line with people’s fitness and health resolutions early in the year, while the demand for coffee makers continues to see more demand. Highest orders for air fryers came from cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chandigarh.

Love for tech items and accessories continues

Gadgets never fail to impress. Snapdeal has received more orders for personal use gadgets and accessories like Bluetooth speakers and headphones, collar earphones and earpods and mobile phone stands too have been very popular in the last couple of months. Tier 3 cities like Nagpur and Baroda chose to give unique combinations such as power banks with earrings, dresses along with selfie sticks and couple rings with pillow massagers.

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