Wear your professionalism when WFH

New Delhi (IANSlife) With the second wave of coronavirus, work from home has made a comeback! Here are a few tips by Shivam Soni, CEO and Founder, Beyoung Folks Private Limited to help you get ready for all your virtual meetings and conference calls.

Pick Your Comfort Zone

The first and foremost benefit people enjoy is that they can pick their comfort level without the pencil skirts or high heels. The pleasure of shorts and shirts together with flip flops while you are “working from home” is unbeatable. Men have been teaming their boxers with shirts, which is a delightful twist to work wear.

Balance Home And Work

One has to assure your work decorum stays in place when WFH. So, never forget be at the top of your game even at home. Well it doesn’t mean you need a tie, but you can simply be ready for a virtual meeting with crisply ironed shirts. Wear your professionalism.

Do Not Forget It’s Work

One has to also look in the mirror before being on the camera. Comb your hair so that you do not look you’re right out of bed. Women should continue to wear their makeup as sometimes your face in the video speaks louder than your words.

A Pattern Which Is Noticeable

Wear some patterns like stripes and checks. Even colours do the trick. For instance, try your hands on bold coloured styles like mustard yellow, black, red or blue. All these colours make for a memorable look.

If you haven’t bothered thus far it’s time to maybe shop online on a number of retailers who are delivering. Also pick accessories to make an impact.

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