Want to Create such a Jharkhand, where every person stands on his own feet: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that he wanted to create such a Jharkhand were every person is able to stand on their feet and live a life full of honour and dignity. Addressing the first provincial session of the Jharkhand Officers Teachers Federation at Jharkhand Technological University Auditorium he said that running of the government is a continuous process and during this challenges will continue to come and its solution will also continue to be found.

However, amidst all these officers have to walk shoulder to shoulder with the government and establish a better methodology. It is true that it is the job of the government to take a decision, but being the implementing authority, it is their job to put it on the ground and take it to the people. He asked all the departmental officers and employees working as part of the government to make sincere efforts to make Jharkhand a safe, developed and advanced state.

The Chief Minister said that his government is moving in the direction of doing such work, which can set an example for the whole country and other states can implement it as a model. He said that it is his endeavor to create such a Jharkhand, where every person can stand on his own feet and live with dignity.

The Chief Minister said that pension is the “stick” of old age. If people do not have this “stick” then it will be
difficult for them to get support in today’s materialistic era. Keeping this thought in mind, where the government has decided to implement the old pension scheme for the state government employees, it is providing social security to all the poor, backward and needy people of the society. 

Under the Universal Pension Scheme, all the elderly, widows, disabled and single women are being linked to the pension scheme, so that their lives can be secured. He said that apart from having eyes-nose-ears the heart of the government is also very big. He said that is his endeavor to solve the problems and believes that if the employee is not satisfied then the work will also not be satisfactory. In such a situation his government is working with full sensitivity to take decisions on the welfare of all and the issues related to it.

The Chief Minister said that Jharkhand had to struggle a long time to make a separate state. He said that people have taken the state by fighting but have not been able to take it to the point where it should be. He said that government employees have an important role in making the state stand on its own feet and give direction, because they reach every village. If they complete their work with honesty then their efforts for Navnirman of Jharkhand will definitely come true.

The Chief Minister said that the leaders and forefathers were far-sighted and visionary. Those plans were made keeping in view the long future so that the coming generation could get its benefits. Our government is also setting its policies accordingly, so that the coming time can open the doors of prosperity, prosperity and progress for Jharkhand.

The Chief Minister said that whatever schemes have been started by his government, there is a special purpose behind them. Whether it is schemes related to social security or Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana, Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Yojana, Dhoti Saree Yojana or many other schemes the objective of each scheme is to strengthen the state and benefit the people sitting in the last row of the society.

The Chief Minister said that we are working to give more edge to the old traditional rural economy, so that we can give a better future to the next generation with better guidance. The Chief Minister said that the government is moving fast in the direction of strengthening the education system.

He said that Model schools are being established and opened in this direction. The basic structures are being strengthened and along with this, teachers are being trained in best institutes like IIMs, so that quality education can be provided in government schools as well. Very soon our model schools will be such that they will have better facilities and education than private schools. 

Jharkhand Officers Teachers Employees Federation is a new form of National Movement for Old Pension System whose first provincial convention was organized on Saturday. After the implementation of old pension scheme in Jharkhand, National Movement for Old Pension System has been brought as a new organization.

All officers and employees of the state government are included in this federation. In the convention, the Chief Minister unveiled the “logo” of this federation. Representatives from the provincial, district and block levels of the Federation participated in the convention. 

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