Villagers built two Bora-bandhs to quench thirst of wild animals on Chunghatti river in Khunti

Khunti: Under the Janshakti to Jalshakti campaign two Bora-Bandhs were constructed in four hours under the Madait tradition on the Chunghatti river of Fudi village under Khunti Sadar block.

For the last three years in the Khunti district, under the joint aegis of the District Administration, Service Welfare Society and Gram Sabhas of the area work is being done to conserve water by constructing Bora- Bandhs by running Jal Shakti Abhiyaan with the help of people.

In Fudi village, the villagers were inspired to build a bandh by telling the people of the village the importance of water conservation by holding a gram sabha. After which, according to the decision taken in the gram sabha, more than 60 rural women and men did the work of making the dam by doing labour.

A mass feast was organized under the Madait tradition. On one side the women of the village were cooking food, while on the other side the men were busy making dams. The small children of the village were busy fishing. Overall in a pleasant atmosphere, the villagers built the dam and when the water started trickling the happiness doubled.

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