Video of Ormanjhi policeman picking up money thrown by coal smuggler goes viral

Ranchi: The transportation of illegal coal through bike has become a source of income for the policemen. The policemen stationed at the Ormanjhi chowk intersections are doing the work of passing the illegal coal transportation through bikes by taking money. The policeman of the police patrolling vehicle near Ormanjhi Chowk in the district was caught on camera taking money from the coal seller. 

The policemen of the patrolling vehicle near Ormanjhi Chowk openly extort money from the coal workers. It is clearly visible in the viral video that a coal smuggler riding a bike drops money on the road. After a while, a policeman present in the car signals him to go by the hand, after which he goes away with the coal. Within a moment, the policeman, carelessly strolling, comes to the place where the smuggler’s bike was stopped and picks up the money that had fallen there and puts it in his pocket. 

Although the media does not confirm the authenticity of the viral video.

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