Varun Thakur: ‘Anything For Love’ is an easy breezy show

New Delhi (IANS)┬áComedian and social media personality Varun Thakur is all set to host the reality show ‘Anything For Love’. He says this show is going to appeal to the Gen-Z and they will relate with it.

‘Anything For Love’ is a game show in which in each episode there are going to be three pairs whose connection will be put on trial and they will undergo several tasks that will test their relationship and ultimately the one who wins these tasks will emerge as OTP – One True Pair.

Varun says: “‘Anything For Love’ is an easy breezy show where people who we can relate to, profess their love for each other through a series of really fun games. The concept in itself was really engaging for me to be a part of, and I am really glad that they brought me on.

On sharing about the factors that make the show different from the other reality shows, he adds: “There is a certain amount of relatability that people are going to instantly feel while watching it. Secondly, it is not a show where you are trying to put somebody down, make fun of them or give ‘gyaan’ (knowledge).

“It is something that will appeal to anybody watching especially the millennials and the Gen-Z because it is so easy on the eye and it is a whole lot of fun, which I think is the biggest takeaway from the show along with the amount of fun people are going to have watching it.”

He further elaborates about the idea behind the show and says it is essentially to test the love that millennial couples have for each other through a variety of things like intimacy, communication and their knowledge about each other.

“So, the different facets of relationships are sort of tested through a series of games. I think the connection between the facets of the relationship and the games that they have to play to prove that is a great combination to have and that is the biggest USP of the show.”

Varun explains the format of the show, saying: “The format is very simple, every episode has 3 couples who are extremely in love whether they are dating, long term relationship or married and this is across genders which I think is another amazing thing in this show. We also have a lot of same-sex couples on this show which is like breath of fresh air because the representation is very important and the fact that the show is bringing out all kinds of relationships to the fore is really nice to see and they play a series of 4 games that test you on different facets of your relationship like intimacy, communication, team work and your knowledge about each other.”

Varun concludes on briefing about his experience of hosting this show: “I am having so much fun while hosting the show. Nobody feels like they are working because they are having so much fun making it. We have got an amazing production team, great directors and amazing contestants.”

The reality show ‘Anything For Love’ starts on December 18 at 7 p.m. on MTV.

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