Two goods train collide near Kurkura station on Hatia-Rourkela route, some trains cancelled, few diverted

Ranchi: In a major incident two goods trains collided near Kurkura railway station located under Hatia-Bandamunda rail section as a result of which train traffic movement on the Ranchi-Rourkela route was adversely impacted.

Railway officials said that on line number 3 a goods train was entering from Ranchi and in the same line another goods train going to Ranchi from Rourkela via Bano also entered by breaking the signal resulting in a head-on collision between the two vehicles.

Upon receiving information officials of the railways from Bano and Ranchi reached on the spot and commenced repair of the tracks and removal of debris from the spot. In the incident, a loco pilot sustained injuries and has been hospitalized.

Railway officials said that the accident took place as the brakes of a train had failed. Since the tracks were not cleared therefore traffic movement was adversely impacted on the line. Due to the collision wagons fell into the nearby fields.

In wake of the accident 18176 Jharsuguda-Hatia Memu and 08150 Rourkela-Hatia passenger were canceled on Sunday while routes of 13352 Alpuzzha-Dhanbad Express and 18452 Puri-Hatia Tapaswini Express was diverted. Further due to the accident 18451 Hatia-Puri Tapaswini Express departed late by more than two hours on Sunday while 12835 Hatia-Yeshwantpur Express departed late by half an hour.

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