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New Delhi (IANSlife) There are times when it appears that the world around us is becoming too loud, distracting us from experiencing the moment and connecting with ourselves. And, while mental health has always been important, it has come to the fore in recent years. In a sea of demands for our attention, it’s critical to take some time to ground ourselves. In ode to World Mental Health Day, Spotify is encouraging its listeners to turn down the noise and tune in to themselves in order to find peace among the chaos.

Spotify places a high value on mental health. It’s why, in 2018, they launched their Heart and Soul mental health initiative to raise awareness, build knowledge, encourage self-care and professional support, and normalise the conversation in order to reduce stigma. And in the years since, they have continued to make mental health conversations and resources available to our employees, as well as to anyone who visits Spotify in search of the inspiration and healing that music and podcasts can provide.

This year is no different. They believe that audio is one of many beneficial tools for mental health, and they are helping listeners and employees by curating content and collaborating with artists, creators, and influencers. They are also expanding our collaboration with Headspace, a mental wellness company that promotes health and happiness through mindfulness and meditation. Their hope is that everyone finds audio that helps them connect with themselves and others in their daily lives.

Connect with your favourite artists and creators in our Wellness hub

They are highlighting content in their Wellness hub that can help listeners find some relief from noisy thoughts and buzzing news feeds. They are also working with artists and podcasters to share their personal experiences of feeling overwhelmed and stressed, as well as their methods for returning to a place of connection. When you first launch the Spotify app, you’ll be greeted by a pop-up or banner with a link to the hub.

There, you’ll find not only some of our most popular editorial wellness playlists like Calm Vibes, Noise Cancelling, and lofi meditation, but also a wide range of curated playlists from artists and podcasters like J Balvin, Hayley Kiyoko, Glennon Doyle of We Can Do Hard Things, and Nikki Walton of Meditation with CurlyNikki.

They will also be working with some of the brightest stars from India and Sweden. Armaan Malik and Hanita Bhambri from India, actors Rajkummar Rao and Mithila Palkar, and writer Shaheen Bhatt from India-as well as artist SHY Martin and Det skaver’s Cassandra Klatzkow, Elsa Ekman, and Nadia Kandil from Sweden. Each playlist will include some inspiring words about the importance of mental health and well-being from the artists and creators themselves.

You’ll also find exclusive content on our social channels, where creators and influencers like Zion Clark, Eli Rallo, and Bran Flakezzz will share their perspectives on mental health awareness and encourage viewers to visit the Wellness hub.

Sundays get less scary with Headspace

They are partnering with Headspace to launch the limited podcast series Sunday Scaries Student Edition on October 9, in addition to our Wellness hub. The series, based on the hit podcast Sunday Scaries, pairs Gael Aitor-cohost of the popular Gen Z podcast Teenager Therapy-with Headspace wellness expert Dora Kamau to talk about meditation, mindfulness, and, most importantly, life. At the beginning of each episode, the two discuss a topic affecting students and young people, and Gael talks about it with Dora.

“It is extremely important to break the taboo surrounding topics such as mental health and anxiety, especially with younger generations,” Gael told For the Record. “This limited podcast series of Sunday Scaries is aimed at reaching young people and teaching them to learn and understand that these feelings are normal, and there are so many tools and techniques to help combat those situations.”

Dora opens up new perspectives in each of the six weekly episodes, whether she’s talking Gael through the fears that come with following his dreams or helping him reframe his thoughts about being alone. Dora also leads Gael through a bespoke meditation on the subject following each conversation.

“Young people are struggling more than ever with their mental health, with 50% of mental health conditions starting by age 14. Together with Gael, our intention is to help destigmatize and normalize conversations surrounding mental health by providing listeners a space to explore and investigate their feelings, emotions, and unique experiences,” said Dora. “Through sharing our own stories, it’s our hope that folks can find a sense of comfort through the advice and resources shared with them.”

Turning down the volume can be difficult, especially in stressful situations. If you or someone you know is having difficulty safely tuning in to themselves, their Mental Health Resources can offer immediate assistance.

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