Treatment on the floor in the Neurosurgery Department of RIMS stopped, 50 beds to be used in the old emergency

Ranchi:  After becoming the Director-in-charge, Dr. RK Gupta has made every possible effort to change the system of RIMS.

From the Central Emergency to the Neurosurgery Department, work is being done to prepare a blueprint on how to provide better treatment to the patients.

In the neurosurgery department here, patients are forced to be treated on the floor throughout the years.

In such a situation, the management has taken steps to get rid of this problem.

The old central emergency is being developed as a dedicated neurosurgery ward.

Renovation work is being done on war footing.

The work will be completed and handed over to the management within a month.

Where there will be provision for 50 beds.

RIMS Director Dr. Rajeev Gupta said that the arrangement of 50 beds will be started in the old emergency.

Approximately the same number of patients receive treatment on the floor.

With the opening of the ward, treatment on the floor will be stopped.

Oxygen points are already installed in the old emergency, these are also being repaired. \

There are preparations to provide a ventilator facility on every bed here.

Initially, there were preparations to convert the old Central Emergency into a labour room.

Because even pregnant women groaning in pain have to be taken to the fourth floor.

Many times, due to the lift not working, pregnant women have to be carried down the ramp, which further increases their pain.

Therefore, there were preparations to bring the labor room to the ground floor.

However, understanding the suffering of neurosurgery patients, the management has decided to convert it into a neurosurgery ward.

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