Traffic advisory for Durga Puja: Ban on the entry of heavy vehicles in the city from October 11 to 15, movement of private vehicles restricted

Ranchi: The traffic plan of the city has been changed for Durga Puja Puja so that the vehicular movement remains smooth during the Puja and for this, Traffic Police has issued guidelines related to the movement of the vehicles in the city. There will be a ban on the entry of heavy vehicles in the city from October 11 to 15 every day from 8 am to 4 am on the second day. The entry of private and passenger vehicles on some major routes in the city will also be prohibited from 4 pm every day till 4 am the next day. There will be drop gates at 39 places in the city during this period.

As per the traffic, advisory vehicles going from Piska Mod to Hazaribagh Road will go from Tilta Chowk to Ring Road Law University towards Hazaribagh Road. Vehicles going from Hazaribagh Road to Latehar, Palamu, Garhwa, Itki Road, Simdega, Gumla, Lohardaga Road, Piska Mod will be able to pass through Ring Road Law University Tilta Chowk.

Big vehicles coming from the Khunti side will be able to go towards Hazaribagh via Ring Road via Rampur, Namkum, Durga Soren Chowk, Tatisilwai, Khelgaon, Booty Mode. At the same time, all vehicles going from Jamshedpur Road to Hazaribagh Road will be able to operate beyond Hazaribagh Road via Namkum, Durga Soren Chowk, Tatisilwai, Khelgaon, Bunti Mod. At the same time, all major vehicles going from Hazaribagh to Jamshedpur will be able to go via Khelgaon, Tatisilve, Durga Soren Chowk, Namkum. At the same time, vehicles going from Gumla, Lohardaga, Khunti to Jamshedpur and from Jamshedpur to Gumla , Lohardaga, Khunti will be able to go through Ring Road (Sithio).

1. Operation of all private vehicles, autos, e-rickshaws will be prohibited from Kutchury Chowk to Shaheed Chowk, Albert Ekka Chowk, Ratan Cinema to Sujata Chowk. All such vehicles coming from the overbridge to the main road will come only till Sainik Market or GEL Church Complex.

2. Four wheelers coming from Harmu via Kishoreganj towards Ratu Road will proceed from Kishoreganj Chowk to Pahari Mandir Mod, Meenakshi Cinema Mod and Ratu Road towards Piska Mod.

3. Four wheelers going from Harmu bypass to Piska Mod will go from near BJP office (petrol pump) to Piska Mod via Piper Toli.

4. Vehicles going from Lalpur to Kokar and Kokar to Lalpur will go through Sadar police station.

5. All types of minidoor, small commercial and passenger vehicles will be able to operate via Dhurwa, Birsa Chowk, Doranda, Sujata Chowk, Munda Chowk, Bahubazar, Kantatoli Chowk, Lalpur till Kutchury Chowk. In return, such vehicles will be able to reach Dhurwa via Lalpur, Kantoli, Bahubazar, Sujata Chowk and Rajendra Chowk.

6. Small vehicles coming from Kanke Road towards Kutchury Chowk till CCL (Darbhanga House) Mode, small cars coming from Lalpur Chowk will be able to reach JPSC office only.

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