Thousands of Hindu Devotees offer Jal Abhishek to Lord Shiva on the first day of Holy month of Shravan in Ranchi

Ranchi : From 12 O’Clock Midnight Hindu Devotees started gathering at Pahari Temple to offer prayer and Jal Abhishek to Lord Shiva on the first Monday of Holy Month of Shravan in Ranchi. Thousands of Hindu Devotees queue up at Historic Pahari Temple in Ranchi from Sunday Night. Devotees around the Ranchi City offered prayers at various temples of Ranchi on Monday.

Hindu Priests were seen applying ‘Tilak’ on the forehead of Hindu Devotees who arrived at Pahari temple to offer Jal to Shivling. Sneha Kumari, A Hindu Devotee who comes from Ormanjhi Especially to offer prayer to Lord Shiva at Pahari Temple on first Monday of Sawan said, Since Childhood days I have been a devotee of Lord Shiva and through his blessings I succeed in life. I always Chant ‘Om Namah Sivaya’ in my difficult times. During the Matriculation Examination I did meditation in front of the idol of Lord Shiva which helped me to score maximum numbers in the examination. She added, Sawan is always special for me because it connects us from nature.

Nepali Hindu Women from Jharkhand Armed Police (JAP) – I Police Ground offered prayers to Lord Shiva and Nandi by pouring milk and Water on the statue of the idols. A Nepali Women Rinku Chettry said “Lord Shiva is a Superpower”. She added, “We are Shivaites and we worship Shiva Family.” Lord Shiva is worshiped especially on Mondays.

Chettry Said, During the Holy Month of sawan we prefer to eat Vegetarian Food. This Year Shravan has 8 Mondays and will end on August 31. Shravan ends with Purnima and is celebrated as Raksha Bandhan worldwide.

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