Indian Parliamentary Democracy is established on Britain’s Westminster Model – Assembly Speaker Rabindranath Mahato

Ranchi: The three-day training and seminar program for the administrative officers of Jharkhand by the Legislative Research Reference Training Cell of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly began with the lighting of the lamp in the auditorium of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly.

The inaugural session began with the address of Assembly Speaker Rabindra Nath Mahto.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Alamgir Alam also delivered their speech on the inaugural session.

After the inaugural session, a photo session was organized.

In the training session, Former Secretary General of Lok Sabha P.D.T. Acharya, discussed on the topic “Constitutional Provisions in relation to the Legislature”.

Chakshu Rai of PRS Legislative, New Delhi and other legal experts were present in the program as resource persons.

The Speaker said in his address that there is an interdependent relationship between the executive and the legislature in a parliamentary democracy, in the Indian parliamentary democracy established on the basis of the Westminster system, the collective responsibility of the executive is only towards the legislature.

The head of the executive of the state is the chief minister of the state who also leads the state legislature as the leader of the house, the executive is not a separate or external body, but in a democracy it is also a part of the legislature.

A group of civil service official’s work for the cooperation of the political executive.

Which remains permanently functional and there are no changes in it even after the change of political executive.

In his statement, he explained the triple chain of accountability or three-tier responsibility as stated by the Supreme Court in such a way that the permanent executive and civil service.

At the first level is responsible to the political executive and the Council of Ministers, at the second level the Council of Ministers is responsible to the legislature.

And at the last and third level the legislature is responsible to the general public in whom the ultimate sovereignty resides.

In the training programme, senior officers of departments, police and administrative officers of Jharkhand service as well as officers of secretariat service also received training.

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