These 5 boozy desserts are worth the shots!

New Delhi (IANSlife) If you have a sweet tooth and are a fanatic when it comes to liquors, no combination is as serene as the amalgamation of them both. Alcoholic desserts have increasingly gained popularity in the recent past and why not, the zing that kicks in with each sweet surprise is absolutely drool-worthy not just for the tastebuds but the overall senses.

Rum to tequila and not to forget the woody-noted whiskeys, they all make an ideal pair for some delectable desserts ranging from pastries to Indian confectioneries.

Here are five alcoholic desserts you must not miss for their ideal sweet-bitter mix.

Cocoamisu, Cocoa Cellar

The bakery is celebrated for its lip-smacking alcohol-infused sweet creations. The Cocoamisu is classic tiramisu laced with espresso and a ganache shot of Bailey’s, assures that the body to the aftertaste, the experience is wholesome leaving the sweet warm sensation lingering in the mouth for a little while. An absolute bliss.

Gulab Nut, The Bombay Canteen

Presented as a donut filled with Pista cream, this quite a mouthful Gulab Nut drenched in rum is one of the bestsellers at The Bombay Canteen. Fried in ghee, this monumental piece of Gulab Nut with those rummy notes of Old Monk drives you nuts towards the end!

Dark chocolate & whisky eclair, Country of Origin

A popular dessert venue, their boozy delights are as well-known not just in the locality but making noise quite some distance from its vicinity! Going by the name, Dark chocolate and Whiskey �clair, nothing feels as robust and mature! Don’t be deceived by its usual chocolate eclair look, it’s boozy punch leaves you go gaga over it!

Old Monk Cake, Monkey Bar

A chocolate cake draped in Nutella, with its cracks seeing a dark rummy seepage of Old Monk, who would have thought somebody can combine them all and turn out an art of its own kind? Monkey Bar has sure aced it with the strokes to these artistic pieces just right!

Liquor Truffles, Cocoa Cellar

A decadent box of chocolate truffles filled with liquor ganache is a perfect confectionery to indulge in! The beautiful exterior coated in tempered chocolate holds a moment of bliss in the form of a creamy, melt-in-mouth dessert. One can choose from a wide range of liquor options– Malibu Rum, Amarula, Whisky, Rum, Baileys, Kahlua, Brandy, Limoncello, Amaretto, among more.

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