The thought of freedom through the lens of youngsters

New Delhi (IANS) The 75th Independence Day is a reminder of the bravery as well as sacrifices of sons and daughters of the soil who fought for the freedom of our glorious nation. Pride galore on August 15 when we salute our Tricolour and sing our national anthem in unison. The fact, however, remains that as independent India turns 74 this year, much has changed about the concept of freedom since 1947, especially for the younger generation. With young gen, we refer to individuals who understood the true sense of freedom and found a purpose to achieve major life milestones at an early age, the real torchbearers of young and vibrant India.

Arnav Kishore, a 27-year-old entrepreneur and co-founder of Indian audio and wearable brand Fire-Boltt, feels the idea of freedom should be inclined towards the well-being of people amid the ongoing battle against Covid-19. He says, “This Independence Day comes after a fierce battle with a pandemic, which keeps our health on the top priority. We need to keep a track of our key health parameters in our day-to-day lives and for that, we need multiple devices. What young India needs is freedom from using multiple devices for measuring key health metrics such as blood oxygen level, heart rate and blood pressure.”

Arnav further suggested that youngsters can be smart and “use a smartwatch with all these trackers are made in India and are economically priced. Wearing freedom on the wrist would definitely boost our confidence and keep us more informed about ourselves”.

But freedom holds a broader meaning for 33-year-old Nishant Gupta, who at the age of 24 founded a multi-speciality Medharbour clinic, which is now a fully equipped boutique hospital and a residential rehabilitation centre. He believes, “Right to Freedom is one of the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution of India. It allows all citizens of the country to speak freely, express their opinions, form associations, enjoy personal liberty and lead life with dignity.”

He further says, “But there’s much more to freedom that comes not from the Constitution but from within ourselves. It is about the freedom to think, the freedom to dream, choose and act. If we look at freedom through the lens of young India, it is about remaining unfazed against the odds and challenges to pursue one’s strongest passion in life.”

What freedom means for young India is manifested in a more relatable manner also in the developments allied with technology that we witness around us, feels Prerna Goel, 29-year-old entrepreneur who co-founded talent and influencer management agency WhizCo. She says, “Youngsters today have many avenues to enjoy their freedom. While the world resorted to social distancing during the pandemic, it ushered in an era of virtual proximity. Hundreds of thousands of people are following their passion today through digital mediums like social media platforms and short video apps, thereby establishing a formidable rapport with viewers across cultural and geographical lines. The overwhelming emergence of influencer marketing as a marketing strategy speaks volumes about what freedom means for youngsters. It is about earning a livelihood on the basis of own talent and creativity rather than adhering to a run-of-the-mill life.”

While run-of-the-mill is always a taboo, one of India’s youngest celeb astrologers, face reader, prophesier and body vibration expert Pandit Jagannath Guruji, who discovered his Vedic allegiance during adolescence, opines that we cannot move forward if we do not keep ourselves connected with the traditions and beliefs. “Freedom for youngsters should be about discovering a purpose in life. The phase of life where we are referred to as youngsters is actually the phase that shapes the future course of our life. Also, it is a tendency among many young ones to not believe in astrology, spirituality or other allied streams, rather their focus is more on physical well-being. ”

“However, to grow as a complete individual and have a clear roadmap in life, it is imperative that one knows what the stars and planets say in their horoscopes. There might be many malefic planetary combinations or doshas that impede their growth, but the same can be fixed through simple pujas or astrological remedies. This Independence Day, let young India meet Vedic astrology, a science that has survived the test of time and been an indispensable part of our cultural heritage,” he adds.

Freedom definitely means different for different people, but the one idea that is in common is about putting our foot in the right direction with the right intentions. Freedom needs to be realised by young India in a manner that allows them to foresee a purpose in life.

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