The state government has given the status of son-in-law to Bangaldeshi infiltrators, it is a misrepresentation – Pratul Sahdeo

Ranchi:  BJP state spokesperson Pratul Shahdeo has said that the State government makes wrong statements on Bangladeshi infiltration. Whenever it comes to Bangladeshi infiltration, the state government says that the state government does not have the power to expel the infiltrators.

Pratul Shahdeo, while discussing the provisions of the Foreigner Act and Passport Act in a press conference at the BJP state headquarters, said that the Center has given the powers to the state government to identify infiltrators and detain and deport them. He said that the ruling party uses Bangladeshi infiltrators on a large scale as a vote bank that is why this government has given the status of son-in-law to the infiltrators, this is an unfortunate situation.

Pratul said that different reports are coming in government departments regarding Bangladeshi infiltration in Jharkhand. On June 2, 2023, a letter was written by the Special Branch to the DC SP of all the districts, in which it was said that there was information about infiltration in the state. Infiltrators are accommodated in madrassas. They are being included in the voter list by creating fake documents.

In response to this, SPs of many districts including Dumka, Lohardaga, Jamtara have written letters saying that there is no information of any kind of infiltration in their district and the figure of infiltration is zero. 

He also raised the issue of communal riot in Lohardaga and said that SP of Lohardaga had said that the number of Bangladeshi infiltrators in the district is 0, whereas the Special Branch had said in its letter that Rohingya Muslims have a hand in the riots. He alleged that DSP Jitendra Kumar, who had prepared this report, and his three other colleagues were transferred within 2 days after the objection of a Muslim organization.

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