The poet in Modi emerges

New Delhi (IANS)¬†After being elected as Prime Minister for a second term, some of the poems of Narendra Modi are becoming famous on social media and among BJP workers. Youths are particularly liking his poem ‘abhi to sooraj uga hai’ (the sun has just risen).

In a recent interview to a private news channel, Modi, who as Prime Minister lives at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg in Delhi, had recited the poem when asked if he had written any poetry in last five years.

One of the poems goes like this: “asmaan mein sar uthakar/ghane baadlon ko cheer kar/ roshani ka sankalp len/abhi to sooraj uga hai/ dridh nischay ke saath chalkar/har muskil ko par kar/ghor andhere ko mitane/abhi to sooraj uga hai”.

Late former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also a known and acclaimed poet.

Modi’s first collection of 67 poems in Gajarati language ‘aankh aa dhanya chhe’ was published in 2007. Delhi’s Vikalp Publishing House later published the collection of poem in the name of “aankh ye dhanya hai” in hindi. This is the collection of poems written by Modi between 1986 and 1989.

Prabhat publication in 2015 translated a collection of 16 poems of the Prime Minister named ‘Sakshi Bhav’ which were written in Gujarati.

“When I met Modiji about the publication of the book, he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He had told me that these were not his poems but his feelings,” head of Prabhat Publication, Prabhat Kumar, told IANS.

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