The largest handmade Covid art quilt spanning over 22000 square feet

New Delhi (IANSlife) The fight against Covid is yet far from end. However, with such strong individuals protecting us, India will undoubtedly emerge victorious at the end of this battle. People have a conduit to express their gratitude and respect for the Corona Warriors’ valiant sacrifices on behalf of the country, thanks to initiatives like ‘Together We Fly’, a massive art work by Zydus teamed with the Corona Quilt Project (CQP).

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on every industry on the planet. The status quo has been thrown into question, and we’ve had to remake it to match the post-Covid new normal. While the government, organisations and institutions throughout the world have worked together to combat this unanticipated threat, one group of people who has pushed all boundaries and played a critical part in reducing the problem is the healthcare community, dubbed the Corona Warriors. Zydus teamed with the CQP to launch a unique initiative, ‘Together We Fly’, which was inaugurated by Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendrabhai Patel, to honour their efforts and devotion to the people of India.

‘Together We Fly’, a massive artwork made up of 15,000 distinct expressions, spans over 262 feet in width and 85 feet in height. Individual pieces of art, poetry, calligraphy, photographs and handwritten notes are woven together as a quilt to reflect the spirit of the times from the start of the pandemic to the second wave, and bring together the thoughts, feelings and expressions of people from all over Gujarat and the country. The installation is a unique monument to all the Corona Warriors, including physicians, researchers, nurses, paramedics, the healthcare community as a whole, and law enforcement officers, who stood strong and unified India during the pandemic by their hope and positivity.

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