The atmosphere of Budha Pahad is changing, instead of fear, faith in the government is making the villagers strong

Ranchi: When Chief Minister Hemant visited Budha Pahad, which had been neglected for decades, in December 2022, suddenly no one believed that the atmosphere here would change.

The works being completed in accordance with the Budha Pahad Development Project, the outline presented for the all-round development of Budha Pahad, have brought significant changes in the economic and social condition of the people of the area.

A total of 27 villages under the Budha Pahad area were surveyed and the social and basic infrastructure was assessed.

Similarly, a total of 3809 families were surveyed under Budha Pahar area and the needs were assessed on various social and economic parameters.

A personal survey of total 19836 people living under Budha Pahar area was also done and a strategy was made as to which person can be benefited under which scheme of the government.

Here, the work of allotment of 100 Birsa houses, starting of 08 mini Anganwadi centers and electrification of the missing villages has been started.

After the Chief Minister’s visit, confidence in the security forces has increased among the local people and the security forces are receiving public support.

For the security of Budha Pahad area, a total of five camps Kulhi, Hesatu, Behratoli Jhaludera and JTF Pundag are established from Kulhi to Budha Pahad and in which 8 companies of CRPF, JAP, Jharkhand Jaguar, and District Force are deputed for the security of the people of the area.

Security forces regularly conduct various operations in the area and establish communication with the local people.

A change is visible in the construction of infrastructure in the Budha Pahad area.

The dilapidated and pathetic condition of the road was rectified.

Villagers connected to regional markets.

As a result, they are becoming economically empowered by selling their agricultural produce at good prices in the market.

Progress is also being seen in the construction of irrigation wells, availability of solar pump sets etc. Security forces are playing an important role in road construction and ensuring fear-free movement of people.

Under community policing, a well has been constructed in Jhaludera, which local villagers are also using for their daily drinking water.

CRPF jawans deputed in Budha Pahad area are taking time off from duty and running a temporary school for the children of Budha village and surrounding areas, where basic education is being imparted to the children.

Initially the number of children was 8-10, which has now increased to 46.

The process of enrollment of children in nearby schools is going on, in which a significant increase is being seen.

A new health sub-centre is being constructed and the old one is being renovated in the area.

Apart from this, health related advice is also given to the villagers during the campaign by trained medical practitioners deputed in the company of security forces.

Door to door medical survey is being conducted with the help of Sahiya.

Community policing has been done by the security forces in the past also for the cooperation of the public.

But after the Chief Minister’s visit, there has been unprecedented progress in the cooperative attitude of the people.

In this sequence, Superintendent of Police Garhwa, Deepak Kumar Pandey, Additional Superintendent of Police (Operations) reached Budha Pahad a few days ago under the special campaign.

Under community policing, a large number of villagers came to meet him.

The Superintendent of Police established communication with them and listened to everyone’s problems one by one and reassured the villagers by directing the police officials present for their immediate solution.

The Superintendent of Police also had food with the villagers and distributed book copies, pencils, pens, bags for the school children, football and cricket kits for the youth, saree, dhoti, kabal, cap for the women, elderly and children, and spades for the workers.

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