Talk of democracy from Congress platform does not suit Yashwant Sinha: Deepak Prakash

Ranchi: BJP State President and MP Deepak Prakash gave a strong reaction on the statements made by UPA Presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha in Ranchi on Saturday.

He said that the talks of democracy does not suit Yashwant Sinha by sitting on the Congress platform. He said that this is the same Congress party which had made a malicious attempt to kill democracy in the country by imposing emergency.

Protecting democracy from a party that has imprisoned lakhs of people fighting for the defense of democracy is like a daydream he said. The BJP leader said that this is the same Congress that made maximum use of the provisions of the President’s rule to run the government through the back door by toppling the elected governments. He said that Congress not only killed democracy time and again but also nurtured and protected the politics of the dynasty.

He said that the Congress party has now become a victim of mental bankruptcy as its leaders have forgotten all the limits of politics. He said that the Dalit and Adivasis are sitting at the last rung of the society and their leaders are also using unparliamentary language against a woman.

Deepak Prakash said that Yashwant Sinha should not forget that the BJP, NDA against which that party and alliance are campaigning took him from the floor of politics to its heights. He said that the way the sentiments of the tribal community have been hurt by the leaders of the Congress party, the tribal MLAs of the Congress have also been hurt by it.

He said that the way Yashwant Sinha’s supporters have been leaving him one after the other since the nomination, it is clear that his defeat will also be historic.

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