Swap out harmful chemical based skincare products

New Delhi (IANSlife) For everyone who thinks spending a huge amount of money to achieve the skin of their dreams is the way to go, they are mistaken. According to various dermatologists, a plethora of posh and frilly cosmetic products available in the marketplace along with being a waste of money, can also cause more harm than good.

Why? Because a number of chemicals utilised in most skincare products and cosmetics are facing backlash from a new wave of informed and knowledgeable users who are unbending when it comes to product and quality concerns.

A majority of beauty products contain harmful chemicals that are bad for skin health and the environment. One must steer clear of products and brands that promise goodness but are far from it; avoid these at all costs:

Paraben — One of the commonly used chemicals found in most commercial cosmetics. It is mainly added to beauty formulations to extend their shelf-life. An extremely harmful chemical, it is known to increase cellular-level damage and can even cause cancer from long-term usage.

Sulphates — Sodium Loryl Suplhate and Sodiul Laureth Sulphate have been found present in more than 90 per cent of personal care and beauty products. They are known to induce considerable irritation to the skin and eye.

Petroleum — Most skin softening products meant for dry skin contain a heavy amount of petroleum that is bad for the skin. And what’s more, petroleum-based products actually don’t moisturize the skin as promised in the label. Petroleum creates an illusion of well-hydrated skin while suffocating the skin-pores in reality.

The pandemic has also shifted the consumer tide towards natural and organic products that have gained significant prominence among health-concerned masses. People prefer sustainable and ayurvedic brands that deliver exactly on their word. This turbulent period has taught one the importance of using only natural products. While chemical-based product ranges may resolve skin issues temporarily, only natural treatments can provide a permanent solution. Blended with traditional time-tested techniques and modern scientific methodologies, it is no surprise that a host of new-age Ayurvedic beauty and wellness products are taking the skin-care industry by storm.

As a knowledgeable new-age customer, it is essential to stay away from the negative impact of hazardous chemicals.

* Ensure that you read the label carefully before buying.

* Settle for brands that showcase a trusted legacy and product repute.

* Never pick a product just because it smells good or is nicely packaged.

* When it comes to beauty products, what looks and smells good doesn’t necessarily imply that it is good for the skin as well.

An informed next-gen audience is gradually drifting towards chemical-free and natural products that are carefully and sustainably made to promise permanent and damage-free results.

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