Supreme Court rejects Giridih MP’s petition, directs Jharkhand government to conduct panchayat elections at the earliest

Ranchi: Now there are no obstacles in the conduct of the Panchayat elections in Jharkhand as the Supreme Court has dismissed the petition seeking OBC reservation in the Panchayat elections. During the hearing, it was said on behalf
of the Jharkhand government that the notification of the Panchayat elections has been issued. Nominations have also been filed at many places.

On this, the Supreme Court said that Panchayat elections should be conducted as soon as possible and no post can be kept vacant. The court further said that will not interfere in the Panchayat elections. After this, the court dismissed the petition of AJSU MP Chandraprakash Choudhary. This has been confirmed by the state government’s advocate Pragya Baghel. The matter came up for hearing in the court of Justice AM Khanwilkar, Justice Abhay S Oka and CT Ravi Kumar.

During the last hearing, the court had fixed May 4 as the date for the detailed hearing. During the hearing, it was told on behalf of the applicant that the state government has announced the election without giving reservations to OBCs in Panchayat elections. In such a situation, the election should be conducted after following the reservation while banning the election. On this, it was said by the government that the notification for the election has been issued.

The enrollment process for the first phase has been completed therefore the election should not be stopped.

The court said that Panchayat elections are necessary and even though reservation has not been given to OBC the government should conduct elections as soon as possible assuming the general category because the post of public representatives of the panchayat cannot be kept vacant, so elections should be held as soon as possible.

After this, the court dismissed the petition of Chandraprakash Chaudhary. Giridih’s AJSU MP Chandraprakash Choudhary had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking to ensure reservation for Backward Classes (OBC) in Panchayat elections in Jharkhand.

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