Statue of Kailashpati Mishra will be removed within 30 Days

Ranchi: Agitators staged a protest and submitted a memorandum to Jagananathpur Police Station In Charge in support of removing the statue of Kailashpati Mishra.

They said on the 123 death anniversary of Dharti Aaba Bhagwan Birsa Munda thousands of tribals gathered at Birsa Chowk to demolish the statue of Kailashpati Mishra but due to interference of administration we stopped.

The decision was taken after two hours of scuffle between agitators and Police Personnel. 

The agitators gathered with traditional weapons, hammer, rope and other metallic instruments.

The agitators clearly said that the statue of Kailash Pati Mishra has been installed in violation of the decision of the Supreme Court.

Mr. Mishra was neither a revolutionary leader nor a freedom fighter, so installing his statue is highly illegal.

The administration has installed the statue of Kailashpati Mishra while misleading the Supreme Court.

Rajhi Pahara Central Committee Chairman Ranjeet Oraon, Jai Aadivasi Central Committee Chairman Herenz Toppo, Jharkhand Andolankari Member Bhubaneshwar Kewat and hundreds of agitators were present.

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