Start Preparations for Mission 2024 – D Raja

Ranchi: Communist Party of India (CPI) General Secretary D Raja addressed Party Workers during his arrival in Ranchi on Saturday.

He said while addressing party workers “Comrades start preparations for Mission 2024 Parliamentary and Assembly Elections.” He added that the Modi government has done breach of promise. The Modi government is snatching jobs from youngsters.

He said public sector undertakings like Railway, Coal Mining Companies, NTPC, and others are handing over to Ambani and Adani’s company. Today Poor, Aadivasi and backward class are a marginalized section of society. The entire Capital of the country is in the hands of 5 % of people.

Development of the country is stopped now. We are not progressing. Labourers are now unemployed. Communist Party will fight for Land, Forest and Water (Jal, Jungle and Zamin). Communalism spread in the country.

He gave the slogan of Remove BJP, Save Country, Save Democracy.

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