Standing committee meet of RMC decides to give rebate on holding tax

Ranchi: A meeting of the standing committee of the Ranchi Municipal Corporation was chaired by mayor Asha Lakra in which it was agreed to give some rebate in the holding tax.

A proposal in this regard was brought by deputy mayor Sanjeev Vijayvargyee over which the councilors also aired their views. As per the proposal, it was decided that no holding tax would be collected for buildings less than 1000 square feet while those who are above it from them 50 percent holding tax would be collected however a rider has been attached to the proposal that the rebate would only be provided if the state government would compensate the Rs 25 crore loss to be incurred due to this.

On the other hand the common taxpayer has been given a timeline of July 31 to pay the holding tax during which no fine would be imposed.

During the meeting proposals related to providing insurance benefits for the personnel involved in cleanliness drive was also agreed, proposals related appointment of town planner on contract, conducting deep boring in wake of summer and repair of hand pumps was also passed.

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