Sports and education departments face-to-face on organizing sports in Jharkhand

Ranchi: Jharkhand Sports Department and Education Department are once again at loggerheads regarding the organization of SGFI competition, Subroto Cup Football, Nehru Cup Hockey and Khelo Jharkhand. Regarding organizing these games, Sports Secretary Manoj Kumar wrote a letter to Education Secretary K Ravi Kumar informing him about the orders of the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister has approved and made the Sports Department responsible for the promotion of sports under the Jharkhand Executive Rules. Sports Secretary had sought guidance from the Chief Minister through the Chief Secretary regarding the ongoing tussle between the two departments for the last few days.

In the letter issued, the Sports Secretary has given the approval of the Chief Minister and said that all the sports events will be organized by the Sports Department as before, and has asked the Education Secretary to issue instructions to all the departmental officers to cooperate in these events as before. When the Program Officer of the Education Department, Dhirsen A.

Soreng, was talked about on this matter, he said that he was not aware of the letter, and said that if there is any such thing, then after talking to the departmental secretary on this subject, after his guidance, further action will be taken. A decision will be taken. He said that we are working on the development of children. We have more than 1800 physical teachers. At present we are focusing on organizing our SGFI. 

On Tuesday the Education Department held a press conference regarding the 67th SGFI National School Games.

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