Split in Congress after cabinet expansion in Jharkhand, 12 MLAs Unpleasant

Ranchi: After the cabinet expansion in Jharkhand, the Champai government is in trouble.

12 out of 17 Congress MLAs are unpleasant over not getting ministerial posts in the cabinet expansion.

The angry MLAs met thrice in two days.

10 MLAs have reached the airport to go to Delhi.

Congress Leader Umang Singhar appointed as coordinator to look up the matters of Congress MLA’s isssues.

On Saturday evening, 10 out of 12 unpleasant Congress MLAs held a meeting for three and a half hours at Raso Hotel located in Birsa Chowk.

Hemant Soren’s brother and Champai government minister Basant Soren came to meet these MLAs.

But, it did not work out.

However, Basant Soren said, there were some doubts in the family, efforts have been made to remove them.

There are 4 Congress MLAs and ministers in the Champai government.

Angry MLAs include Rajesh Kachhap, Jaimangal Singh alias Anup Singh, Dr. Irfan Ansari, Umashankar Akela, Sona Ram Sinku, Bhushan Bara, Naman Vixal Kongdi, Ramchandra Singh, Shilpi Neha Tirkey, Amba Prasad, Deepika Singh Pandey, Purnima Neeraj Singh.

Two of these MLAs are not going to Delhi.

The majority figure in the Jharkhand Assembly of 81 members is 41.

Of these, Soren government has 48 MLAs.

Of these, 17 MLAs are from Congress.

12 Congress MLAs are angry.

In such a situation, if they withdraw support from the government, the government will fall.

Since they are more than two-thirds in number, they will not face any problem with the anti-defection law.

Congress MLAs can express their displeasure by meeting senior party leaders in Delhi.

If their resentment is resolved then they will return to Ranchi, but if no solution is found then they will go to Jaipur and stay at one place there and discuss the future strategy.

Congress MLA from Simdega Bhushan Bada has said that Khela has happened.

There was also talk that Chief Minister Champai Soren may also go to Delhi on Saturday.

This political stir in Jharkhand is happening at a time when the budget session of the Assembly is going to start next week i.e. from 23rd February.

The angry MLAs have unanimously asked not to repeat the ministers joining the cabinet.

Many MLAs are also demanding ministerial posts for themselves.

MLAs say that ministers who have not performed well till now have been given a chance.

New faces should get a chance in the cabinet in Champai government.

So that he can prove his ability.

Angry MLA Amba Prasad said that he has to go among the public during the elections. In such a situation, if the work is not better then how will he face the public.

Here also a lot of efforts were made to remove the displeasure of the MLAs.

State in-charge Ghulam Ahmed Mir and State President Rajesh Thakur also tried to convince the angry MLAs, but till now no solution has been found. Now angry MLAs are making open statements.

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MLA Baidyanath Ram had also expressed his displeasure.

He also said that he will not tolerate the insult and will contest the next assembly elections as an independent candidate if needed.

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