Speaker kept urging to conduct question hour, BJP MLAs kept creating ruckus

Ranchi: The proceedings of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly started on Tuesday Morning.

The speaker announced to start the question hour, but before that BJP whip Biranchi Narayan raised the issue of recruitment policy.

He said that the recruitment policy has not been made in Jharkhand and advertisement has been issued for 26,001 appointments.

Then someone will take this matter to the High Court and the future of the youth will hang in balance.

After this, slowly the BJP MLAs stood on their seats and started reaching towards the vel.

The MLAs started raising slogans against the government in Vel.

The speaker kept urging them to allow the question hour, but the BJP MLAs were not ready to accept.

Meanwhile, BJP MLA CP Singh said that the House was disrupted Monday and even on Tuesday.

Why has this situation come?

When the Business Council meeting was held on the first day, it was decided that the Speaker would hold a debate in the House on recruitment policy, locality and law and order.

In the meeting, it was said to call a meeting of the Business Advisory on Monday, but the meeting of the Business Advisory did not take place on Monday.

In such a situation, have the people of BJP come to the House only to listen to untrue things?

Being in the opposition, it is the right of the BJP to demand answers from the government.

In the midst of the uproar, Congress MLA Naman Vixal Kongadi raised the issue of sand.

On the other hand, Lobin Hembram raised the issue of mining leases.

After this, the turn of MLA Manish Jaiswal came. He had asked a question related to the sports department.

But when he stood up to ask supplementary questions, he started speaking on planning policy and other issues. Said that this is a more important question than that.

On this, the speaker said that if there was a more important question, then that question should have been brought in place of a less informed question in the House.

After this, the ruckus of BJP MLAs started again and the speaker adjourned the proceedings of the house.

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