So far farmers loans worth Rs 1529.01 crore have been waived off

Ranchi: The purpose of the Jharkhand Agriculture Loan Waiver Scheme is to give relief from the burden of debt to the farmers holding short-term agricultural loans of the state.

The scheme aims to improve the creditworthiness of crop loan holders, ensure loan access for new crops, prevent migration of the farming communities and strengthen the agricultural economy.

Chasing this goal, 423 days of this scheme of the government have been completed. The government is giving the benefit of the scheme to 906 farmers every day. Rs 3.34 crore loan is being waived every day. Till 31 March 2022, loans worth Rs 1529.01 crore of 3,83,102 farmers have been waived off. In the financial year 2020- 21, 1,22,238 people were given the benefit of the scheme.

A total of Rs 494.96 crores were distributed in this financial year. In the financial year 2021-22, 2,60, 864 farmers were benefitted from the scheme. Rs 1034.05 crore payment has been started in this financial year. The government is also resolving the problems related to the farmers’ farm loan waiver scheme through the Kisan Call Center.

Giridih resident Dilip Kumar Bharti had applied for farm loan waiver in his name, but till now his agricultural loan was not waived. In this context, he lodged a complaint with the helpline Grievance Management System (HSGMS) of the Government of Jharkhand. Its complaint number is 2707.

After this, his problem was successfully resolved by contacting the District Agriculture Officer-Giridih. Like Dileep, the problem related to loan waiver of other farmers including Shivnarayan Murmu of Jamtara, Pancham Biharilal Gupta of Palamu was resolved.

Those farmers who do agriculture on their own land can be the beneficiaries of the loan waiver scheme. The farmer must be a resident of Jharkhand state. The age of the farmer should be more than 18 years. The farmer should have a valid Aadhaar number. Only one crop loan holder member from a family will be eligible. Applicants should be valid ration card holders.

The applicant should be short-term crop loan, holder. The crop loan should be issued from a qualifying bank located in Jharkhand. Applicant should have a standard crop loan account. The family of the deceased borrower. The scheme will be voluntary for all crop loan holders.

The following category of borrowers will not be eligible to join this scheme Rajya Sabha, / Lok Sabha, / former and current members of the Legislative Assembly, / former or current ministers of the state government / “current president of municipal bodies / current president of Zilla Parishad, central or state, departments and their regional units” state government ministries / PSE and allied offices, all working or retired officers and employees of autonomous institutions under the government and regular employees of local bodies, all retired pensioners whose monthly pension is Rs 10,000 / – or more, all persons paying income tax in the last assessment year 2020-21 All Registered Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Architects, who are practicing.

“Every effort is being made to give the benefit of the scheme to the farmers. It is the effort of the government that all the eligible farmers should get the benefit of the scheme. The empowerment of farmers has included the priority of the government. Serious work is being done about this,” said Nisha Oraon Director, of Agriculture.

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