Silence of PM Modi over Manipur and Haryana Violence is matter of Concern – Dipankar Bhattacharya

Ranchi: CPI (ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said that there is no peace and harmony in Manipur even after 4 months.

There is no minimum basic facilities in the relief camps.

Manipur is divided into Valley and Hill, Meitei and Kuki, Hindu and Christian.

Violence continues there under the patronage of the government.

Modi has insulted the Parliament, he is in the Parliament premises only but does not make a statement on Manipur and appeal for peace by coming to the Parliament.

The no-confidence motion was brought in order to compel Modi to make a statement on Manipur in Parliament.

Modi is concerned with power, staying in power means that there is no concern with the country.

Violence is being unleashed from Manipur to Haryana.

Khattar, Monu Manesar and Bittu Bajrangi are the only law in Haryana.

When Bittu Bajrangi was arrested, Bajrang Dal, VHP and BJP are saying that they do not know Bittu Bajrangi but the world knows what position he held in BJP.

Vivek Debroy, chairman of Modi Economic Advisory Council, has talked about changing the constitution.

They call this constitution a colonial product and are talking about bringing a new constitution.

The Constituent Assembly and Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar worked hard to make the constitution, every small and big question was solved, and a conspiracy is going on to finish it in one stroke.

The CPI-ML is running a village-to-village campaign on these questions.

There is so much inflation, so much unemployment and the government is selling public enterprises.

Dipankar said that in the Dumri by-election, the India alliance will strongly favour the JMM candidate and the BJP will defeat the AJSU alliance.

Male MLA Com. Vinod Singh was involved in the nomination of JMM candidate.

Dipankar said that in the next meeting of the India Alliance in Maharashtra on August 31-September 1, the coalition parties will discuss the future strategy.

Male State Secretary Manoj Bhakta and Vindu Vinod Singh were also present in the press conference.

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