Shravani Mela 2022: More than 40.48 lakh Kanwariyas turned up in Deoghar, Baba Mandir gets income of Rs 4.61 crore

Deoghar: During the month-long Shravani Mela more than 40.48 lakh Kanwariyas turned up at Baba Baidyanath Dham temple to offer jala-abhishek while the temple managed to earn an income of Rs 4.61 crore from various sources including donations from the devotees.

Deoghar DC Manjunath Bhajantri informed that this time a total of 40 lakh 48 thousand 438 devotees offered water in Baba temple in Shravani Mela. In a month, the Baba Mandir has earned an income of 4.61 crores from various sources. In the media center he told that this time the maximum income has come from the Shighra Darshanam coupon of Baba Mandir.

The temple has earned an income of Rs 2.80 crores from the shighra darshanam because this time 87,158 devotees offered water from the early darshanam coupons throughout the month. Due to this the temple administration has earned 60 percent Rs 2 crore 80 lakh, 10 thousand 100 rupees.

Out of 40 percent amount of this coupon, an income of Rs 1 crore 55 lakh 68 thousand 900 has been received by the priests. The DC informed that in the entire month of Shravan, 10 lakh 13 thousand 764 devotees offered water from outside Argha. 29 lakh 47 thousand 516 devotees offered water from the main Argha.

Devotees also reposed faith on the outer Argha to avoid the crowd and their water also flowed on Baba from the outer Argha, which they were satisfied to see on the screen. He said that this time the Kanwariyas who came in the month of shravan took great advantage of the administrative facility. Tired 2 lakh 87 thousand 189 Kanwariyas stayed in Tent City. For the first time, 1 lakh 33 thousand 846 Kanwariyas rested in the spiritual building.

In the health centers of the Mela area, 1 lakh 47 thousand 810 devotees were treated throughout the month. In 29 information-cum-help camps of the Information and Public Relations Department, 33731 lost and found Kanwariyas were registered and out of these 24848 Kanwariyas were reunited with their families.

Apart from this, 543 helpless Kanwariyas were given railway passes and 294 were given financial assistance. During the Shravani fair, the highest income was earned from the state tax in a month. Rs 7 crore 62 lakh 60 thousand rupees were earned from the state tax collection. The income of the Transport Department also increased to one crore 58 lakh 71 thousand 75 rupees during this period.

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