Ship loses balance in Ganga, 7 trucks drown driver missing

Sahibganj: A ship capsized in the Ganga river in Sahibganj in which seven trucks drowned in the water and a driver also went missing. 

There were a total of 10 trucks loaded on the ship which was going from Garam Ghat of Sahibganj to Manihari.

The driver who has gone missing in the incident has been identified as Mohammed Sarfudddin (34). He hailed from Dhanbad. It is being said that tires of one of the vehicles on the ship went flat suddenly due to which an imbalance was caused and one by one these seven trucks went into the water. 

The trucks on the ships were laden with stone chips which were to be used for pillar construction on the Sahibganj-Manihari Ganga bridge.

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